Stablematic, a web platform, streamlines running Stable Diffusion and machine learning models using top-notch GPUs. It empowers users to create videos, animations from text prompts, and train image models. With pre-installed plugins, it offers easy access. It boasts a straightforward pricing system, dedicated 1-on-1 support, pre-installed models, and API access, enhancing user experience.

Key features of Stablematic

  • A web interface: StableMatic offers a web interface that makes it easy to generate images from text prompts, edit images, and create image variations.
  • API access: StableMatic also offers API access, allowing developers to integrate Stable Diffusion models into their own applications.
  • Support for both ckpt and diffusers models: StableMatic supports both ckpt and diffusers models, giving you a wide range of models to choose from.
  • Collaboration features: StableMatic offers collaboration features, allowing you to share your images and projects with others.
  • Commercial use: StableMatic is licensed for commercial use, so you can use it to generate images for your business or products.


Use cases of Stablematic

  • Generate images from text prompts.
  • Edit existing images.
  • Create realistic portraits.
  • Generate creative art.
  • Develop new AI applications.

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