8 Best Website Builders in 2024: Reviews, Prices, Features, and More

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Building your ideal website matters deeply to your business. Whether you’re selling online or monetizing a blog, the platform you choose can make or break your success. But there’s no one-size-fits-all solution – the best tool depends on your specific needs.

Take me, for example: my website uses Squarespace for its sleek design and pre-built templates. But for my store website, I needed more control and customization, so I opted for Hostinger Website Builder.

Feeling overwhelmed by the options? This guide dives into eight of the top website builders on the market, comparing their pricing, reliability, hosting, support, speed, SEO, ease of use, design features, and more. By the end, you’ll be equipped to find the perfect platform for your new online home.

The best website builders for bloggers

  1. Wix: best for beginner bloggers
  2. Squarespace: best website templates
  3. WordPress: best for customizing your website
  4. Hostinger Website Builder: best drag-and-drop website builder
  5. Shopify: best ecommerce functionality
  6. GoDaddy: best all-in-one website builder
  7. Webflow: best for bloggers who want to design their site
  8. Ghost: best for building a content subscription or membership website

1. Wix

Best for: Beginner entrepreneurs who want a simple website builder.

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Wix is one of the most popular website builders that powers over 8.5 million websites worldwide.

  • They boast 500+ employees dedicated to making building websites as easy as pie.
  • Wix offers templates in over 800 categories, meaning you’ll find the perfect foundation for anything from a bakery to a blog.

Wix is the best web builder if you’re a small business. You don’t necessarily need a platform with more advanced options like BigCommerce and Shopify.

Best Wix website builder features

  • Drag-and-drop magic: Building your website is as simple as dragging and dropping elements like text, images, and videos onto the page. No coding required!
  • Design like a pro: Choose from stunning pre-designed templates or unleash your inner Picasso with complete creative freedom.
  • Mobile-first mindset: Your website will look fantastic on any device, from a giant desktop to a tiny phone.
  • Boost your business: Add features like online stores, booking systems, and email marketing to turn your website into a money-making machine.
  • SEO smarts: Built-in tools help search engines like Google find your website easily, bringing more visitors to your online doorstep.

Wix’s Winning Points:

  • Effortless to use: No coding skills needed, just point, click, and create!
  • Beautiful templates: Find the perfect starting point for any kind of website.
  • Mobile-friendly: Your website will look great on any device.
  • Business-boosting features: Grow your online presence with built-in tools.
  • SEO friendly: Attract more visitors with search engine optimization magic.

Things to Consider:

  • Limited customization: While Wix offers flexibility, its drag-and-drop nature doesn’t allow for deep customization like coding might.
  • Monthly fees: The free plan has limitations, so be prepared to upgrade for full functionality.
  • App dependence: Some features rely on Wix apps, which may require additional payment.


All Wix plans include a custom domain, no Wix branding, and 24/7 customer support. But the right plan for you depends on what features you need access to and the type of website you want to develop.

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Wix Enterprise enables large-scale businesses to launch exceptional sites faster, manage better, and work more freely by removing resource constraints and dependency bottlenecks. You can request a call on the wix website to get a breakdown of the cost.