Kampo v2.1.67 update is live on Play Store! Update Now!

We’re excited to announce the latest update for our esteemed educational app, Kampo: AI Tutor & Math Helper. The new update, v2.1.67, is now live on the Play Store. This version brings essential bug fixes and performance enhancements. If you’re already a Kampo user, you can now install the latest update to enjoy a smoother experience.

What is Kampo?

For new readers, if you haven’t yet explored our app, now is the perfect time. Kampo app is designed to revolutionize your learning experience, providing an extensive library of study materials, including comprehensive notes and past exam papers. With the integration of our AI Tutor and AI Math Solver, Kampo is your all-in-one companion for academic success.

Top Features:

  • AI Math Solver
  • AI Chat (Powered by Gemini 1.5 pro)
  • Free pdf download for all university & college courses
  • Internal pdf viewer for easy viewing
  • AI books & video tutorials

Educational institutions are constantly evolving, and new learning materials are added frequently. Consequently, the Kampo library is continually expanding, now offering over 5,000 resources to aid your studies. Whether you need help with complex equations or detailed explanations, we have you covered.

What’s new:

Responding to user feedback, Kampo’s app icon now supports Adaptive or Dynamic theming. This means the app icon will adapt to your selected wallpaper color if you use a palette for apps. The app, which already featured Material You support, has been further refined to enhance your user experience. You can switch the Material You theme within the app settings.

Advanced filtering has been added, now you can search within the filtered segments for easy access of the documents/study materials.

Click Here to Download the Latest Update

Kampo’s interface remains user-friendly and intuitive, as most users prefer a straightforward design. This simplicity ensures quick loading times, provided you have a stable internet connection. Additionally, the app is lightweight, under 15MB, so it won’t occupy much space on your device.

Note: As you browse through study materials, thumbnails are cached for quicker access, which may consume more space over time. To free up space, you can clear the app cache when needed.

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